Client Sessions: One on One Personal Transformation Guidance

November 22, 2015
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Now offering: One on One personal sessions to help you with your transformation! Feeling stuck?  Out of sorts? Like life took a turn and you were not driving? Me to!     The past three years have been what I... read more

5 Things to Bring on Your Yoga Retreat

July 9, 2014
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Retreat going yogi's!  Here are 5 things to make sure get packed for your yoga retreat.   1. Yoga mat - I understand you may find this bulky and hard to configure amongst your things, but our yoga practice is such a personal... read more

Appreciating the PAUSE

January 14, 2014
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Do you feel like your life is in a PAUSE?  So did I!  It wasn't easy, however, I acquired amazing tools and techniques to support me through it and now I want to share these with YOU!  Subscribe today to the Ascending to... read more

Stowe Mountain Ranch

August 23, 2013
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Ranch: Stowe Mountain Ranch , charming on the inside with magnificent 360 degrees of nature on the outside, the perfect place to create an intimate setting for relaxation and to strengthen yogi relationships, whether existing or new.  ... read more

Successful Transformation: Everyday Conditioning

June 10, 2013
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  When I left my corporate job to pursue my dream of working for myself and doing something that I loved, I felt great.  I was very optimistic about the future and the time I needed to get things going and trusted that I would be... read more

Preparing for Transformation: The Archer

June 3, 2013
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  In August of 2012 at the Being Yoga conference at the Omega Institute, one of my classes, with Manorama, a well-known Sanskrit teacher focused on Yoga and the Inner Warrior.  She said, "Everyday we fight the inner and outer... read more

Do you have the same values off the mat?

May 14, 2013
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  For those of you that follow Astrology, you know there was a very intense solar eclipse last week as the moon started anew. The alignment for the new moon and the eclipse are in Taurus, an earth sign that represents grounding... read more

Broken or just a little bent?

April 30, 2013
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  I recently heard P!nk’s lyrics to a song on her new album, “we’re not broken, just bent, we can learn to love again.”  She may be referring to a romantic relationship; however, the concept can be translated... read more

Manchebo Beach Resort & Spa

March 6, 2013
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The Arubian Welcome Salutation is ‘Bon Bini’ or Welcome to Aruba, One Happy Island.  I was curious about this saying as I made the trip to the Manchebo Beach Resort and Spa . What I found was not only one happy island, but a... read more

Caribbean Yoga Conference Jamaica

February 8, 2013
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Carribean Yoga Conference 2013: Montego Bay Jamaica What can I say, of course, Jamaica was wonderful!  Yogi's, an amazing country of friendly, hospitable people, sunshine, sand, and the beautiful Caribbean water.  Yogi's,... read more

What I've learned about Patience

January 24, 2013
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  Patience vs. Presence In a recent yoga class, the teacher read a passage from a book regarding patience and presence.  The passage read that patience is often thought of “having to wait”.  And that was when... read more

Travel Review: Siesta Key

November 20, 2012
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Lodging: Located on the island of Siesta Key, the Tropical Breeze Resort has a couple of really great things going for it. One is the proximity to and the quality of the beach. Just a 2 block walk and you are right on the beautiful blue water and... read more

What I've learned about Finding POWER in your Yoga

November 7, 2012
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  The city of New York and surrounding areas have had a couple of weeks of challenging times. We prepare again today for another storm. Fortunately, not another Hurricane, but rain, wind, maybe snow at a time when many are just getting... read more

MayaCamas Ranch Sonoma 2012

September 20, 2012
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  Tadasana Travel LLC's Wine Country Retreat Hosted and Instructed by Jeni James September 16th - 20th, 2012 PHOTO GALLERY At the beautiful  MayaCamas Ranch , paths converged to... read more

What I've learned about yoga...and finding a studio home

August 16, 2012
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Dear Barb, Teachers, and the Staff at West Hartford Yoga,   I wanted to thank you for providing such a wonderful place to practice yoga while living in Connecticut.   In June of 2010, while attending a training... read more

What I've learned about yoga...leading to My Dreams

August 15, 2012
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Yoga > Dreams  I am living proof that your yoga practice can be the catalyst to fulfilling ALL of your dreams!   One of by biggest dreams came true as I  just  drove into NYC to move into my new home!  My... read more

Why Yoga and Wine belong together:

June 30, 2012
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  I often have people joke with me about combining yoga and wine.  Maybe the liquid courage is tempting when trying a new arm balance or maybe the thought is that it allows a more free flowing vinyasa.  I have even seen vinyasa... read more

Top 10 Benefits to practicing on the road

November 14, 2011
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1.  Aids in digestion which can be off balance when traveling 2.  Relaxes the body to sleep better when you are away from your bed 3.  Stretches out the body alleviating kinks that occur when flying on planes and driving... read more

How to find a studio when you travel

November 7, 2011
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  Where can a yogi maintain their practice when traveling? Virtually anywhere you can take your mat. If you prefer a guided practice, perhaps with music, you can load up your i-pod with some favorite practices or create your own mix and... read more

Why should you practice when you travel?

November 7, 2011
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Why am I a Traveling Yogini?  I’ve struggled with exercise and working out for a large portion of my life. After gaining a lot of weight in college, I got focused, took off the college pounds, and committed to a regular program. ... read more

What I've learned about yoga... and grieving

April 8, 2010
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One of my first yoga instructors always says, “See you on the mat.” I always liked this because our practice isn’t about the studio or the music or what we were wearing, but the work that we were doing on the mat. This rang... read more

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