Do you have the same values off the mat?

May 14, 2013


For those of you that follow Astrology, you know there was a very intense solar eclipse last week as the moon started anew. The alignment for the new moon and the eclipse are in Taurus, an earth sign that represents grounding energy. The vibration that comes along with this sequence asks us what we value in our lives? What qualities, people, and possessions to we deem a priority and therefore will naturally invest in?
This is an important question to ask yourself if you are in a time of transformation or in need of a change. So often, we come to our yoga mats and we find a connection with ourselves and our spirit. We know the yogi chants and prayers, the asana, the rituals. We love the music, the language, the way mind, body, and spirit come together on the mat to create something empowering. We value this practice and what it gives us.  
And then, we move off the mat and engage in something totally different.  
On the mat, we honor what we value in ourselves on all levels.  Off the mat we agree to things we know are not healthy for us; food, work habits, people, old belief patterns.  Yes, it takes practice and conditioning to change, just like showing up for yoga.  But, the first step in transformation is awareness.  Taking responsibility for how we are contributing to our experiences.
I struggled with this for a long time myself when it came to food.  I am a dedicated yogi, easily dropping in to the spiritual aspect of the practice.  I can meditate, chant, flow, or transcend into Savasana with the best of them.  AND, I found the excess weight I was carrying to be completely frustrating and annoying. What gives?
I became obviously aware of the misalignment I was feeling as I started to take a look. I would soar to yogi peace on my mat and then off the mat pout in mirror at the way my jeans looked on my body. I realized I was maintaining a different value system in these two places.  For the practice of yoga, I had great integrity.  For what I was putting in my body...not so much.
Both places require us to listen to our bodies, to connect with our spirit and then feed the body, mind, and soul with what is truly best for it. I was feeding my soul a healthy cup of asana and then sabotaging it with things that did not support and serve the same structure.  
I had to look at what I valued? Maybe good mat ethic with indulgent eating habits is ok. On the other hand, it just didn't feel right.  What I determined that I valued was alignment.  I wanted to feel as good in my body no matter what I was doing.  And that was the start of a transformation.
After a retreat, I challenged myself with trying vegetarian and giving up soda.  Then, I took a look at sugar and dairy and alcohol.  The changes made have been gradual, over many years, and I am still trying new things all the time to find what is authentically aligned with what I desire. I still have wine and baked goods and cheese. However, the quantities and quality of goods have changed. The way I look at them has changed. The desire for them has changed.
As with yoga, this is a practice and transformation is gradual.  Making different choices and changing belief patterns needs to occur one step at a time in order to be successful.  Too much at once quickly has us running back to the old way.  But, it's not important how fast the change comes.  What is important, is that we have awareness with what we value, we identify a misalignment, and are now taking the steps to bring everything we value into our experience.
And this is where I would like to help.  Offering a new six month program of personal transformation to bring what you value into your experience both on and off the mat.  The program is long because transformation is long.  The investment of time and money is high, because the reward of transformation towards your authentic self is high.
I invite you to take some time and think about what you truly value.  Are you living those qualities in all of your experiences? Are you now aware of a misalignment?  Are you ready to put in the effort to make a valuable change?
If you answered YES to these questions, click HERE for more information and get started today.
Sat Nam,


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