Successful Transformation: Everyday Conditioning

June 10, 2013


When I left my corporate job to pursue my dream of working for myself and doing something that I loved, I felt great.  I was very optimistic about the future and the time I needed to get things going and trusted that I would be ‘OK’. 
Having spent over 7 years studying the universal laws and becoming a Reiki Master during that time, I understood that our abundance was tied to our divinity, our life purpose.  Money was just another form of energy and I had become very savvy at moving energy, clearing old belief patterns, and manifesting.  I had all the tools and the trust to make this transition a success…an immediate success.
And then I was in it.  A massive void of confusion, sadness, and frustration.  I couldn’t figure out what I had done wrong.  Had I missed something, taken a wrong turn, left corporate too early?  I won’t get into the details of that time, but I will say, now looking back on it, in simplest terms, what I had underestimated was everyday conditioning.
Just as we understand yoga or losing weight or going to school, everything is a practice.  We come to the mat everyday to participate in our practice.  Losing weight takes days, weeks, sometimes months to reach a goal.  School can take years to complete.  And all three require maintenance after reaching that goal.
No one or almost no one walks into yoga for the first time and pushes up into a handstand.  No one decides one day to lose 10 pounds and then has smaller pants the next day.  So why did I think this process would be any different?
When you start to work with energy, you realize it can produce immediate results.  That is probably why I like it so much.  When it comes to emotions and feelings, these too can be shifted quickly if you have an effective mode of therapy, which I do in Reiki.  The catch is, we live in a physical world, so there is an integration period in which we manifest and that is everyday conditioning.
Everyday, I come to my mat and practice handstand.  Everyday, I eat healthy and exercise.  Everyday I study and then experience, so I really understand concepts and principles.  Therefore, everyday, I need to condition the new “energy”, the new feelings, the new thought patterns until they are fully integrated.  At this point then, they are manifest in my earthly, physical world. 
Have you heard that saying, “Dress for the job you want.”? That is the same concept.  When it comes to transformation, we have access to amazing, brilliant tools to create different energy and feelings.  And then, on the physical plane, we have to dress for the job that we want…everyday…until one day the job matches the dress.
As an example, let’s use losing weight.  On an energetic level, I can set an intention and visualize myself as thinner, healthier, more fit.  I can then use Reiki to remove old thought patterns around food, social acceptance, and emotional fulfillment. Once I complete these practices, I will feel better, but will I have lost any weight?  I still have to dress the part everyday by making different choices.
This is harder than is sounds in the moment that the brownie is looking at me from the deli case.  The energy work helps me make different choices as I strengthen the vision and remove old patterns AND I still have to make the different choice.
Now apply this to creating a new relationship, a successful business, an entirely new support system.  In our physical world, that may take time and that is ok.  In the everyday conditioning, you experience the wisdom of healing and the beauty of creating something new.
Transformation becomes manifest by working with all three things; shifting the energy, releasing the old patterns, AND everyday conditioning.  And everyday, I move closer to my goal.  One day that goal will be manifest, maybe even today. 


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