5 Things to Bring on Your Yoga Retreat

July 9, 2014

Retreat going yogi's!  Here are 5 things to make sure get packed for your yoga retreat.  

1. Yoga mat - I understand you may find this bulky and hard to configure amongst your things, but our yoga practice is such a personal thing, it's really nice to have your own mat with you on retreat.  

I recommend investing in a travel mat, but try them out first.  Most stores will let you lay each one out, get on it, and try some poses.  You still want it to be comfortable.  For extra padding, you can always grab a towel from the retreat center.  

Get a carrier and leave it separate from the rest of your luggage, it is one of those things that fits easily into the overhead of a plane...even if it's an extra item.

2. Water bottle - Yoga practice calls for extra hydration as it is.  Add in traveling and it's easy to feel depleted.  Pack a water bottle with you, so you have water whether you are in practice, on a walk, or in an activity.

Many centers have filling stations for guests.  Refilling vs. purchasing new plastic bottles is also good for the earth conscious yogi.

3. Bug spray - One of the amazing experiences that retreats offer is practice outside of the studio.  A can of bug spray is good for outdoor practice, so you can stay focused on the asana despite any bzzzzing around.  

They now make travel size cans that are less than 3oz. if you are traveling via plane with only a carry on.

4. Journal - Yoga is a transformative practice.  We know that when we come to our mat on a regular basis, whether we meant to or not...we change, we grow, we evolve.  Retreats accelrate this process because all distractions have been eliminated and we have an opportunity to focus on ourselves.  

Pack a journal and commit to making an entry, small or large, every day.  You don't have to write much to be able to see what was going on in your life.  It will be nice later to go back and take a look, you may see something different in yourself entirely.

5. Intention - Just as we set an intention for our practive each time we come to the mat, setting an intention for what you want to accomplish on retreat sends a commitment into the universe to energize your experience.  

Whether you are looking for relaxtion, inspiration, detoxification, or education, your intention sets the tone for your retreat transformation, making it that much more special and powerful.

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