Sankalpah Yoga

December 17, 2011

2 class drop in with 2-day mat rental $27

For Zen in the city try Sankalpah ( Challenging, but gentle classes, this is why I love to practice on the road, it’s always rewarding to push yourself in a new place, humble to check your experience or lack there of at the door.  Francesca focused on putting away all the noise (cell phones) for a moment and taking a look at your surroundings. You may see something new, experience new joy, and grow your heart. This was a perfect message as I walked the city for the next two days.

“Love it” The studio – one brick wall, one Sanskrit wall, chandelier and palm leaf ceiling fans = COOL city vibe
Great music
Great adjustments
Great rate for 2 classes and mat rental

“Didn’t Love it”
First class didn’t have the fans moving, so was a little stuffy

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