Newington Yoga Center

October 29, 2011

Drop in $18

Now that I was more familiar with the area, the drive was much easier and I breezed right in with no issues to continue my East coast Zen at Newington Yoga Center ( This is a beautiful open studio with French doors and plenty of props. The class was Ashtanga and although not my favorite, as I am more of a Vinyasa girl, instructor Suzanne had great ability and sense of humor as we moved through the class. I probably wouldn’t go back to Ashtanga due to personal preferences, but would definitely try the studio and instructor again when in the area.

Love It

  • The sound of rain outside during Savasana
  • Extra mat to pad my slim travel mat
  • Chanting in between the warm-up and sun salutations

Didn't Love It

  • No music during this Ashtanga
  • Prefer a Vinyasa flow vs. Ashtanga

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