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May 15, 2014

The past two years have been what I would call a very intense and life changing personal transformation.  Our time now feels like it is supporting transformation in all of us.

As I catch up with many friends and family, everyone is going through 'something'.  From what I have read and studied, we are being given this time to truly figure out what we value and what we want for our lives, to become the creator of our dreams.
This is not an easy road however, for in my own experience, really looking into the mirror and seeing what needed to be let go of to move forward on my path was sometimes intense and emotional painful.
You are not alone.  Most people today are having things happen in their lives that are hard and maybe sudden; job changes, relationships ending, geographical moves, all of the above?
Through my personal transformation and grace, I can see that on the other side is peace and freedom and a place of content that I never knew was possible. There is no way around it, only through it.
Because the time of transformation can be challenging and isolating, I have created a resource for people who are also going through this process.  I felt very alone on my journey and although I trust that this was my path, I now want to be able to share resources and tools with others with the intention of providing support and knowledge from my own experience to make your transformation easier and more efficient.
Launching June 1st, 2014, a monthly subscription called Ascending to Authenticity: A guide to transformation is available to you and the people you love.
Each $10.80 monthly issue includes:
 -  A focused topic on personal transformation 
 - Guidance and recommendations based on personal experiences
 - Q & A from subscribers with real life challenges
 - Books, websites, and other helpful resources
Each person's transformation is unique, so my intention to provide information and resources that can help you find the theme in your own story and then provide the tools to work through it.


Subscribe today to the Ascending to Authenticity monthly issue for support through your personal transformation.


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