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January 2013

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As a yoga teacher or forever a student this network connects yogi's who are inspired to take their mat on a journey away from home to experience a deeper level of transformation.

My intention is make your vision a reality for you and your students and to provide high quality support in executing an amazing retreat.

As a teacher, I wanted to ensure the location was ideal and plenty of students had access to attend the retreat.  I struggled with finding a great place and reaching a broader base of students.  Are you looking for the perfect site and access to more students?  

I also wanted to ensure that the retreats were a value to students and had a financial return to support my passions.  Are you looking for ways to maximize your retreat profit and provide a valuable service?

  • Personal connection to site approved Yoga Retreat locations
  • Project Management of your retreat up to the day you leave 
  • Negotiation on your behalf with the Retreat site
  • A budget and profit template to help manage expenses
  • Planning template to stay organized
  • Website advertising for your upcoming retreat
  • Student referral to your programs
  • Social media promotions 
  • Additional helpful content on preparing for your yoga retreat
  • On-site Project management for your retreat is available for a daily rate

Price: $240 for a retreat consultation.  If you decide to move forward with a retreat, the amount will be deducted from the management fee.  Contact to schedule your consultation.

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